Meet the
Part of the $KIMBO Community, 3333 Kimbros NFTs are joining the Avalanche Blockchain
Minting on March 25th, 5PM UTC on JoePegs
The gateway to
The Kimbonet
Kimbros embody the very essence of Kimbo’s Community, giving life and personality to our vision. These charming characters aren't just cute faces – they're vital to the Kimboverse, offering utility and serving as the foundation for community tools. Developers can leverage their technology to craft anything that enhance the overall value of our community. Kimbros embody the very
Kimbo introduces
The Kimbros
The KIMBROS have the goal to serve the whole $KIMBO Community and be the gateway to it thanks to its distinctive and creative artwork and rarity system in place.
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  • 1
    Whitelist Mint
    6942 Club members of $KIMBO (cf snapshot) are whitelisted on this phase such as individuals who have registered through our discord Whitelist channel

    Whitelist Supply: 3333 Kimbros
    Whitelist Price: 2 Avax
    3 max / wallet
  • 2
    Public Mint
    Leftovers from previous phase; if any, will be available for the public sale.

    Public Supply: Leftovers
    Public Price: 2.5 AVAX
    unlimited allocation per wallet
  • 3
    Reveal Party
    Hours after the end of the minting event, we’ll host a reveal party where everyone will be able to discover their Kimbros, their traits, their rarities and can start vibing with them the proper way. Secondary marketplaces trading will be enabled right at mint for people to trade their unrevealed Kimbros
Match your
Kimbros match making, our fun way to introduce you to The Kimbros Collection. Swipe them like you’re on Kimder